Curry College Men’s Basketball Lacking Morale and Fan Support


The Curry College Men’s Basketball Team has spent the past two seasons struggling with both a lack of wins and a lack of fan support. Last season was Coach Matt LeVangie’s first at Curry and the team went 0-25. This season, the team improved their record, 1-24.

But does this really have to do with the coaching? The skill of the team? Or maybe a significant lack of fan support and school spirit have the Colonels feeling frustrated and unmotivated. It isn’t uncommon that Curry’s cheerleaders can be found sitting on the sidelines phones in hands with glossy eyes; or the visiting team has a bigger, louder, and more spirited fan section.Why would the Colonels bother to put on a show if there’s no one to put a show on for?

Can the Colonels make a comeback and revamp both their skills and spirits before next season? The team has the entire off-season to work hard and make things right in order to avoid another victory dry spell.


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