Women Of New England


Patriot Nation isn’t just a fan base, it’s a lifestyle. Faithful to their fearless leader Tom and the rest of the Brady Bunch in good times and in bad, the Patriots arguably have the most dedicated group of fans in the NFL.

But what about the women of New England? The gender-specific term “Pink hat” was created by Boston sports fans to label “a clueless, ignorant female who goes to sporting events and doesn’t know the most basic facts about the team that they supposedly support,” according to Urban Dictionary; give or take a few expletives.

I talked to some female fans, specifically at Curry College, and asked them about Pats Nation and the stereotype that women can’t be as die-hard of fans as men.

fullsizerender-1Michaela Timmons of Weymouth, Mass., can’t get enough of the Patriots’ success. “I like the Pats because I don’t like to lose,” said Timmons. “I live my life as a winner.”

fullsizerender-2“I would have been shunned by my family a long time ago if I didn’t root for the Pats,” said Valerie Guarino of Mansfield, Mass. “They pay my bills so I need to make them happy.”

fullsizerender“We’re better friends than Jimmy G and Brady,” said Timmons. “And cuter if you ask our moms,” added Guarino.

fullsizerender-6“Every Sunday I would watch the [football] game with my dad and my brother,” said Victoria Parks of Cumberland, R.I. “We went to a game once and it was so fun, I love the atmosphere of a Pats game and being a Pats fan is unlike anything else.”

fullsizerender-3Virgina Fabiani of Watertown, Conn., said she was shocked by how strong Pats Nation is in Massachusetts. “I was totally under the impression everyone was rooting for their own teams.” She continued, “I’ve never been in a state where they’ve been super for one team– like you don’t not root for the Patriots when you’re in Massachusetts.”

sinead-sports“My parents are both from Ireland so the only American sport I really grew up watching was football,” said Sinead McGrath of Quincy, Mass. 

fullsizerender-5“I grew up in a house where we always gathered on Sundays to watch games,” said Kayla DiBiase of Arlington, Mass. “I live with all boys pretty much and we’re more of a hockey family, but sports have always been super important.”

fullsizerender-4Connecticut native Briana Dawkins said, “I’m a girl who grew up with all brothers, my mom was a tom boy so sports – specifically football- have always been a part of my life.” She continued, “My dad is a Pats fan, my mom is a die-hard Giants fan; everyone in Connecticut likes different teams.” 

nicole-sportsNicole Harkins of East Bridgewater, Mass., was born and raised a Patriots fan. “Before the [Super Bowl] game my dad texted me, ‘I believe in “Patriots” win, lose, or draw. “We” meaning “us” move forward and we always keep an open mind, challenge ourselves to be better, then mix in a whole lotta love and acceptance and then we will continue to win.'” She continued, “My dad owns the life-size Patriots helmet replica from the NFL shop, so if that doesn’t tell you why I’m a Patriots fan, what will?”


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